med fusion, a local reference lab, offers clinical laboratory services for hospitals and their admitting staff. With full-service, pre- and post-analytical support, med fusion serves the Dallas-Fort Worth healthcare community. clin-labs includes: biochemistry, cytogenetics, electron microscopy, immunology, infectious disease, mass spectrometry, molecular diagnostics and special coagulation.

The needs of the patient come first
At med fusion, our patient-centric support model for medicine, representing the integration of advanced laboratory and clinical trials services to support both healthcare providers and biotech/pharmaceutical companies, is designed to help improve patient care.

Our technology, from our testing capabilities to our information systems, is state-of-the-art. Since the genesis of med fusion, our desire to be a leader in all areas of laboratory sciences has led us to develop unparalleled testing capabilities with the ability to provide actionable data for the healthcare community. As a result, physicians are able to access integrated information which enables them to form more targeted diagnoses and recommend more specific treatments.

Enhanced efficiencies
From the time a specimen is sent to med fusion, everything we do is designed to help ensure the accuracy of the testing performed to reduce turnaround time (TAT). Reduced TAT can result in more efficient episodes of care by decreasing patient days in the hospital.

Preserve specimen integrity
In many cases, patient specimens travel thousands of miles and are subject to temperature variances and delays which could possibly compromise specimen integrity and increase the chance of lost samples. Flexible couriers with multiple pick-up times daily including STAT requests mean significantly reduced TAT. Couriers are experienced, well-trained and employed by med fusion. Our sophisticated tracking systems and local presence in Dallas-Fort Worth means specimens are continuously monitored throughout the process, resulting in reduced handling and transport time and faster TAT for your patients’ specimens.

Improve quality and reduce overall costs
med fusion does not compete with hospital laboratories. Instead, we work with them to maximize efficiencies. For example, many hospitals often perform the majority of the tests needed; however, there are low-volume tests they may not wish to perform internally due to the high cost of the technology and the time required to maintain staff proficiency. By aggregating a large volume of tests at med fusion, low-volume testing becomes more efficient and cost effective without sacrificing TAT or quality. Hospitals can improve lab cost efficiencies by utilizing our services for low-volume tests, reducing waste of unused supplies and enhancing staff focus.

Dedicated Client Services

  • Offers access to medical and scientific consultation
  • Arranges for specimen transport and other special requests
  • Provides issue resolution and management
  • Supplies reports and requisitions
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Microbiology hotline-reach an agent within 15 minutes by:

Contact Client Services at 972-966-7300 or

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